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Still watchin'

Yeah, I was taken way back today.

A friend of mine brought up some old anime he had recorded on VHS...yesh, we're total junkies. Anyhow...amongst these were two of my all time favorites, one of which was my very first anime I had witnessed some 7 or 8 years ago. *giggles*

I have no idea if anyone would remember it, so I tried finding the info and...well, I failed. I couldn't find pics or anything. ;_;

Soultrain 666 and Blueseed I know I seen Blueseed more than once, twice infact. But I always liked it. It was my first long term anime series I got intrested in, and Soultrain 666 was the first I seen. I can still remember watching it on my Grandfather's floor model TV.

Also, we watched a little of Neon Genisis Evangalon. In which a lot of the same voice actors from the Blueseed series partake. A lot of old voices I just really love and some good memories.

I should do this kind of thing more often.

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