Åskar / Oscar (saber_fang_wolf) wrote in baka_neko_realm,
Åskar / Oscar

Vandread Funness..^_^

Yes I'm not for sure, but I believe this is my first post here. ><

Sorry for the wait, it's just been busy...then boreing, then busy again.

Right, on to the actual post:

I've been re-watching Vandread...again. This makes over the 7th or 8th time I've seen it now, some episodes I've seen over 10 times. lol. I could watch it 4 times a day, where I am...but that's not revelant since I usually only see it once.

I gave most of my stuff to friends, including a little plushi I had of Jura. It kind of saddened me to see it go, but I guess it always will. *teardrop*.

That's my short post...I guess.

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yeah... I started watching vandread a few years ago but I only got a little over halfway so now I'm watching it on tv. Too bad it only airs at 3am ;p I swear... none of the stores around here have it for rent. As for plushies, I'll have one of ein someday ;p